Success isn’t given. It’s earned.

Fontys Academy for creative industries (ACI)

2016 Tilburg (The Netherlands).


University of Alicante

2012-2015 Alicante (Spain).



Artidi school

2011 Barcelona (Spain).



Severo Ochoa college

2009-2011 Alicante (Spain).

Digital Business Concepts & International Lifestyle Studies

In 2016, I received a merit scholarship and I had the honour of studying courses such as Neuromarketing and Online psychology, Consumer behaviour, Creativity and personality, Digital Lifestyle, Business models for sustainable futures etc, and I finished my degree there. This experience allowed me to open my mind and enrich myself with other cultures.

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations

The main objective of the Bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations is to provide graduates of a training suitable for the development of their professional activity according to the demands and social needs, promoting analytical and interpretive, critical capacity providing knowledge of research techniques and working procedures necessary for transforming customer needs into efficient communication solutions.

Master’s degree in European Expert in Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising

In this Master I was taught how proceed to the implementation of internal and external image of the brands at the point of sale. Design, develop and implement actions to impact the passer Window dressing and Visual Merchandising actions to create an attractive commercial space to increase sales. The methodology and highly practical content of these courses aim to develop the skills needed for projects taking into account the different types of company, product and target etc.

Certificate of Higher Education in Business Management and Marketing

The general focus of this Certificate of Higher Education is to provide a flexible route of study that permits students to develop a broad-based knowledge of business organisations, their management and the environments in which they operate. Moreover, it incorporates the major areas of business management such as marketing, accounting, IT and human resources and is designed to meet the needs of those students who prefer to study business organisations without the desire to specialise in a functional area or business sector.

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