Irene Quiles

Window Dresser and Merchandiser

Hello there, it’s Irene!

I recently moved to London after six months living in the Netherlands. I’m undergraduate in advertising and PR currently looking for a company where do to a short-term internship in retail to start in March 2017. 

After having done a Master in Barcelona in 2011, I have been doing window dressing and merchandising for five years in Spain, mainly for the fashion industry, while I was studying at University.

I am available to meet to further discuss any opportunities. You can also research me by checking out my portfolio, work history and education.


Highly-skilled and knowledgeable professional in merchandising, window dressing, styling of mannequins and display features with a specific expertise in the fashion industry.

I am able to interpret stock and fixture layouts effectively and to adapt to individual store environments and redesign in-store layouts to drive sales forward.

Excellent product knowledge applied by continuously implementing visual guidelines to make sure that the visual criteria is adhered to company guidelines at all times.

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